Multi Purpose Stand by Rousseau

The multi-purpose stand allows you to keep a multitude of accessories close at hand, from the simplest tools to complex computer parts, spools supports and electronic equipment.

Both the centered and off-center stands give you fast access to each and every item you’re storing. In addition to the stationary stands, available in 36", 54" and 84" high, Rousseau also offers a 36" and 54" high mobile version.

The accessory layout on the Rousseau multi-purpose stand is easily changed, without tools. Modify the stand according to your evolving needs by simply adding and moving the accessories.

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  • Wide variety of accessories provide flexibility for custom layouts.
  • All components are assembled to the uprights with plastic knobs or installed with hooks.
  • Layout and position of components may be changed without using tools, allowing your system to evolve with your needs.
  • 36" and 54" stands high can be made mobile for added flexibility.


The catalog below will detail ALL of the information needed to request a quote.  Multi Purpose Stand specifications, part numbers, colors, etc. are included.

Send an email to: with your RFQ or give us a call (888-444-1202 or 651-452-0113).  We will provide a formal, written quote within 24 hours.  Please include your complete company information, contact name, ship to address, phone number and email address. 
Detail the quantity required for each item being quoted.

Multi Purpose Stand Order Guide.pdf


Note: The catalog below is a large file (69 Mb) so download may take time.

Complete Rousseau Catalog.pdf


Standard lead time for most catalog items is 2-3 weeks.

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