Smart Compact Mobile L Metal Cabinets by Rousseau
Economy Model - 100 # Capacity Drawers

With an innovative design, the Smart Compact Mobile "L" Metal Cabinet is available in 18" wide, two depths: 21" and 27" and five different heights : 24", 28", 30", 34" and 40". It adapts perfectly to your needs and is easily integrated into your work space. It can be used on its own or in a double or triple version, with its premiere quality casters of 4" and 6" the Smart Compact Mobile "L" Cabinet is truly a solid and reliable tool!

The compact "L" drawer has a wide range of accessories available, a 100 lb. storage capacity per drawer and opens 100 % in both depths. The Lock-In mechanism for the drawers ensures user security, while a central locking mechanism allows the user to lock all of the drawers at the same time and secure stored materials.

With its thoughtful design, the Smart Compact Mobile "L" Metal Cabinet is versatile, modular and ingenious! It’s also an excellent alternative to the "R" Heavy-Duty version.

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  •  100 lb. capacity per drawer
  •  Ball-bearing sliding system covered by lifetime warranty
  •  20 standard colors
  •  6 drawer heights and 7 door heights available
  •  10 different cabinet dimensions
  •  Cabinets and drawers fully assembled at the factory, ready to use!
  •  Wide range of accessories and security systems available (partitions, plastic boxes, electronic lock, etc.)

To see the "L" line’s versatility in action, go to YouTube and watch our video The L Cabinet from Roussea






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