Data and Power Cables for Powerflor Low Profile Raised Floor System

The pre-terminated AmpEnergy (Tyco) power cables supplied with Powerflor meet all electrical codes worldwide.  Each cable is equipped to handle up to 4 circuits and can be supplied in a wide range of lengths to meet any requirement.  The power cables plug directly into the duplex outlets with no hard wiring required.  A true plug-and-play system.  All power outlets and cables are included in the system.

The only power cable that requires hard wiring is the main power whip.  This cable is provided as part of the overall system, but is only pre-terminated at 1 end to plug into our power cables.  The other end of the power whip is non-terminated so your local electrician can hard wire it to the building circuits (up to 4 circuits per whip).  This power whip is shown in one of the photos on the left.

Optional data and communication cables will be included at the customers request.




Cable Lengths
Multiple lengths available to meet your requirements
Circuits per cable
4 circuits in each cable.
UL Specification
Meets UL-183 & 1286 or NEC: Article 604, 605 & 300-22C
Power Cable Mfr
Tyco Electronics


The document below is an excerpt from the Complete Installation Manual:

Installing Electrical System

Complete Installation Manual-2020.pdf

Outlet Relocation Manual.pdf

Powerflor Specifications.pdf










By clicking on the link above, you can provide us with the information detailed below.  

Begin by sending us a dimensional drawing of your room.­ Email­ the drawing to:­

Whenever possible, indicate the quantity and approximate locations for the power, data or A/V outlets as needed for your application. Once this information is received, you will be contacted by a design engineer to­ confirm your requirements and answer your questions.­

Next, we will provide you with a preliminary shop drawing for your review.­ (See examples by clicking the DRAWINGS" tab in this section).  Any changes will be noted and amended drawings will be resubmitted.­ When all changes have been completed, a final drawing will be provided for customer approval and signature.­ A quote will be presented based upon the final drawing.­ Our quotes will include materials, freight and complete on-site installation.­ There will NEVER be any hidden costs.­ Should you require changes to power / data ports­ prior to, during or after installation, very minor charges may apply.­ We will carefully discuss all options­ with you during the design / quote process.

Should you have questions as you gather this information together, please give us a call at 888-444-1202 or 651-452-0113