Powerflor Installed in Conjunction with Prefabricated Wall System

The installation shown in this section is unique, in that the low profile raised flooring is being installed in an open room, with only 1 permanent wall in play.  Considering the Powerflor is a "floating" system, it requires some type of containment to hold the floor panels in place.  In most cases, that containment consists of 4 or more permanent walls.  However, in this case, the floor will be installed in a mostly open space, so to contain the floor, we are building a low profile wood frame to perform the function normally accomplished by walls. 

The Powerflor dedicated cable management system provides a serviceable alternative that addresses upgrades and service without disruptions. This customer needed to expand office space to provide a training room, and open warehouse space was all that was available. The prefabricated walls were installing on TOP of the powerflor.  With a weight capacity of 50,000 lbs. per S/F, this solution was viable and reasonable.  Powerflor is a floating floor system (not secured to the subfloor), so a containment frame needed to be fabricated on-site to contain the Powerflor.  Once the floor was installed, the prefabricated walls were set in place.

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