Libraries and Computer Labs

The open space designs for most new libraries present unique challenges as it relates to power and data connectivity.  Typically, power and data connections are located in the walls, so when walls are removed, connectivity becomes a real issue.  Although the furniture may be equipped with power and data connections, it must still be connected to the source.  Trenching or coring floors is not a viable option, and should the furniture be reconfigured, you once again have the problem of power and data connections not located where you need them.  Powerflor is NOT permanently attached to the sub-floor, so any panel (with or without data or power ports) can be picked up and relocated at any time to anywhere with no special tools or trades required..  The library shown below at a major U.S. University was a 2850 S/F space that required converting some or all of the floor space from book stacks to various furniture configurations that provide both individual and small group work spaces.  The goal was to provide an agile, open, comfortable area, coupled with the power and communication connectivity throughout the space.  Equally important was a desire for the space to be easily re-configurable.  All of this had to be accomplished with minimal impact on the remaining library space during installation (noise, dust & interruption to patron access).  The library required 48 duplex electrical outlets and 24 duplex communication outlets throughout the space.  This particular installation was accomplished and completed in 4 days with 4 installers (including the off-loading, moving product to install location and furniture placement).  Problem solved !!

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