A low profile raised floor cable management solution

The PowerFlor system is as much a concept as it is a product.


PowerFlor installation is provided through our certified installers and is always included in our proposals. ­ ­It­ should be noted that installing PowerFlor­ is accomplished in a fraction of the time as ­compared to nearly any other process used to bring power and data into your room or facility.­ Time is money.­ Project delays and change orders are never an issue­ when using PowerFlor.

Deliver power, data, voice or A/V connectivity to your workspace whenever or wherever needed ­and change the location of those outlets quickly without the use of any special tools.­ IT'S A REALITY !  Why would you even CONSIDER trenching or coring your concrete floors????

PowerFlor is the ONLY completely integrated raised access floor, modular, plug-and-play cable management system on the market. Perfect­ for offices, media centers, 911 dispatch centers, libraries, control rooms, classrooms, training rooms,­government centers, and much­ more. PowerFlor provides access to power outlets, voice, data & video ports wherever you need them.­ Change or relocate these outlets and ports when and where you need them or anytime you need to reconfigure your room.­ Is this just a concept? No, it's­ a reality !



PowerFlor video link on YouTube

PowerFlor Video on YouTube (3 Minutes)

PowerFlor is a "cable management system" that just ­happens to be configured into a 3" high raised access floor. PowerFlor panels are not permanently attached to the floor. The raised floor panels and outlets can be moved and relocated as needed. Total flexibility and control over how your power,­ data and voice outlets are utilized.­ PowerFlor pedestals come complete with carpet already installed.­ Ramps and railings can be added for­ entryways ­as needed.­ Power and data ports are pre-installed and ready to accept the cables. A true turnkey system, from design all the way ­through and including on-site installation.


Clean and seamless.­ If it wasn't for the ramps in the entryways, you would never know you're standing on the PowerFlor.­ The finished installation will look just like any other carpeted room,­ except you are now standing on the most versatile, re-configurable raised access floor & cable management system on the market.­ You will never need to tear up another floor or use power drops or power poles ­again. ­No more extension cords or quick-fix solutions to get your power and data ports where you need them.