UC-90 Universal Crimp Tool for electrical connectors such as ring and spade terminals

UC-90 Universal Crimp Tool for Electrical Connectors

The UC-90 is a pneumatic crimp tool system for crimping a wide variety of electrical connectors, including 8-22 ga. ring and spade terminals, RG-series coaxial connectors, RJ-series data connectors and OHM cable connectors.  The standard tool configuration comes complete with pneumatic power pack, jaw and jaw housing, jaw set, foot switch and 2 air hoses.  This tool is usually configured with the remote foot switch control (vs. hand lever control) for safety and convenience.  It's best to allow the technician to have both hands free when positioning the wire and connector prior to crimp.  A hand lever control is available on a special order basis. 

A variety of standard, interchangeable crimp dies are available.  Reference the product section below.

Note: For customers outside of the U.S., these tools do NOT carry EU or CE certification

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Complete UC-90 Pneumatic Crimp Tool System




Includes: Pneumatic Power Pack, Crimp Jaw & Jaw Housing, (2) air hoses, Footswitch & Tool Holder

For crimping a wide variety of electrical connectors

Operates at 60-80 psi air pressure

Crimp dies ordered separately.  (Refer to Crimp Die Section)


Crimp Dies for use with UC-90

Crimp dies for use with the UC-90 Universal Crimp Tool

Crimp dies are ordered separately

To determine the correct die for your application, send samples to CPS for testing.

A complete list of available dies is located in the CRIMP DIE TAB section below.




Overall Length: 10-1/4"

Power Pack Diameter: 2-1/2"

Weight: 3 lbs.

Operating Pressure: 60-90 psi

Cycle time to crimp: 2 seconds

Note: For customers outside of the U.S., these tools do NOT carry EU or CE certification



Complete selection of crimp dies included in the documents below

Crimp Die Sets.pdf

Crimp Die Sets.jpg

To insure you are receiving the correct dies for your application, we encourage you to send us samples of your connectors and wire, along with samples that have been crimped with your current tool or process.  We will test your samples and recommend the best die for your connectors.


The UC-90 is detailed in the Electronics catalog listed below. 

More detailed UC-90 information listed under the Parts Drawings Tab

Pneumatic Tools for Electronics Applications.pdf

UC-90 Catalog.pdf


General catalogs for Industrial and Plastics applications listed below.

Pneumatic Tools for Industrial Applications.pdf

Electronics Pneumatic Tool Catalog

Pneumatic Tools for Plastics Applications.pdf


Prior to ordering the UC-90, we suggest send us some photos and details regarding your application and the type of connectors your using.  If the connectors are compatible with the available dies, we will ask you to provide us with a small supply of your connectors and wire so we can determine the correct die(s) for your application.  We will then provide you with a quote for the complete tool.  Our address and contact information is listed in the Contact Us section of the website.


The complete UC-90 Universal Crimp Tool includes:

(1) Pneumatic Power Pack

(1) Jaw and Jaw Housing

(1) Foot Switch (4 way valve)

(2) Pneumatic Air hoses

(1) Bench Mounted Tool Holder


Crimp Dies ordered separately

Custom must provide 1 air hose to connect foot switch to your air source.