Standard pneumatic power packs and jaws

Standard Pneumatic Power Packs and Jaws

The pneumatic tool components shown in this section are considered to be standard, off-the-shelf items.  Match the proper pneumatic cylinder (power pack) with a jaw and jaw housing to perform your task.  The pneumatic tools are available in models for light duty thru heavy duty industrial applications.  CPS will assist you in configuring the correct tool.  Power packs are available with either hand lever controls for manual actuation or foot-switch control models for remote actuation. 

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MARCH 1, 2022


Since November 2021, our raw material suppliers have been advising us of shortages, longer lead times and price changes that will continue to effect us as we move forward into 2022.  During the past 60 days, business remains very strong, however our lead times have been extended well beyond normal due to these shortages as well as Covid related labor issues.  During the past couple weeks, raw materials and component parts are beginning to arrive and production is ramping up.  Inventory on some standard products is still limited, and production for "custom" tools is slowly improving, so we are hoping to return to normal lead times by the end of March or early April.   We are accepting orders for both standard and custom tools, however delivery dates will still be considered "estimates" at this time.  We are looking toward early 2nd quarter to resume normal operations.