PTX-902 Custom External Pneumatic Snap Ring Tool

Custom Pneumatic Snap Ring Tools, Internal and External

Custom pneumatic snap ring tools are detailed in this section.  Tools can be designed for either internal or external style snap rings. 

Each of the tools shown are build-to-order and will be designed around the specific customer specifications.

Please provide details of your application and samples of your snap rings when considering this tool option.

Note: For customers outside of the U.S., these tools do NOT carry EU or CE certification

Request Information

Custom Pneumatic Internal and External Snap Ring Tools

PTX-732 External Snap Ring Tool

PTX-732 Custom Pneumatic Snap Ring Tool

Custom External Snap Ring Tool.  Straight or 90-deg tip models can be provided.  Build-to-order tool.


PTX-902 External Snap Ring Tool

PTX-720 Custom External Snap Ring Tool

External Snap Ring Tool.  Modified version of SR-100 snap ring tool.  Multiple tip styles available.  Build-to-order tool.


SR-100 Internal Snap Ring Tool

SR-100 Internal Snap Ring Tool

Internal Snap Ring Tool.  Available with multiple tip options.  Built-to-order, but usually in stock.

SR-100 Data Sheet.pdf




If you are looking for a CUSTOM tool for a specific application we recommend the following procedure:

1.  The fastest method is to give us a call so we can discuss your application in detail. Toll Free U.S. / Canada: 888-444-1202 or 612-859-1110.

2.  If emailing your request, please be sure to provide as much information as possible regarding the application, including material specifications, cycles performed per day, photos or video of the process and tool that you currently use, solid model drawings (.stp format) if available, etc.  Send email requests to:

3.  In most cases, we will request that you send us samples of the material or parts you will be processing with the tool so we can have parts available for both tool design as well as testing when the tool is completed.  The testing process is available to all customers at no cost.  This assures all parties that the correct tool is specified for the application and that it performs as expected.

4.  Upon receipt of your PO, we will provide the customer with a drawing model for final approval prior to starting the manufacturing process.  You will be asked to sign off on the drawing and authorize the project to move forward.

5.  As a general rule, lead time for custom tools will average 8-10 weeks after receipt of order. This can vary depending upon the complexity of the tool design as well as internal production schedules. 

6.  There is NO Risk for our customers.  Should we accept your project for a custom tool, it must perform as expected.  If it does not, we reserve the right to rework the tool, replace the tool or refund the customer in full.  In most cases, we do not require a deposit or advance payment on custom tools.

7.  Complete customer satisfaction is our responsibility and we take this very seriously. 


NOTE: The documents below apply to both the SR-100 & PTX-902

SR-100 Exploded view Drawings

SR-100 Tip Adjustment Procedure


The Warranty document below applies to all standard, off-the-shelf components used as part of your custom tool.


In most cases, the power pack and jaw housings used on custom tools will be 1 of our standard units.  The bulk of the custom tools designed will utilize a custom set of jaws to perform the function required.  Regardless of the jaw design, we do not warrant the jaws for breakage or wear unless we determine a manufacturing or material defect is present.  CPS has no control over how the tools are being used, however we will inspect any broken or worn parts to determine if a warranty replacement applies.