Mobile Problast system

Vaniman 80017 Mobile and 80031 Master Mobile Micro Abrasive Sand Blasters

The Vaniman Mobile ProBlast line is a collection of high quality, portable micro abrasive blasters built with maximum utility and economy in mind. These blasters have a built-in pressure delivery system including a 0-100 psi adjustable regulator and foot pedal control. Like the stationary blasters, these portable blasters handle all types of blasting media from 60 to 360 grit (25-250 micron). - Specify 25-50, 50-100, or 110-250 micron tank size when ordering.

#80031 MASTER MOBILE BLASTER:  The "Master" series Mobile Blaster includes all the same options as the #80017 Mobile Blaster , and adds the unique "Instant-On" feature.  This feature immediately stops or starts the flow of blast media upon activating or deactivating the foot switch. This prevents the loss of excess blast media while the tanks depressurize after deactivating the foot switch and allows for precise control of the media flow. 

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Sales through the online store are currently available only to businesses within the 48 continental US states. These products are not available to the retail/consumer markets. Business-to-business only. Contact CPS if you wish to place an order and are located outside of that geographical area. PH: 651-452-0113 or email to Email Custom Products

The MOBILE PROBLAST units usually ship within 3-5 working days + transit time.  However, we suggest you contact us to confirm availability.  Depending upon the item, lead time could longer


MOBILE PROBLAST Micro Abrasive Blasting System. No blasting cabinet included. For mobile applications or for use with existing cabinet. Media Tank for 50-100 micron blast media.
9 lbs

Product weight: 6 lbs.

Product Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 6"

No blasting cabinet included

Single Media Tanks (Specify media size being used). Holds up to 4 lbs.

Single Blasting pen with 6 ft. hose

Built-In pressure delivery systems

Includes 0-100 psi air pressure regulator with foot peddle

Handles all types of blasting media 25-250 micron (30-360 grit)

Crystal or Tungsten blasting tips available (ordered separately)

Tank stand included

Low cost of ownership

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase


  • Decorating / personalizing glass and stemware
  • Etching trophies
  • Etching Mirrors


  • Cleaning small parts
  • Preparing surfaces for adhesive or plating


  • Trimming and edging
  • Drilling holes and cutting windows
  • Identification marking
  • Removing printing and layout
  • Cutting thin ceramic pieces.


  • Resistance wire stripping-potentiometer and delay line
  • Semiconductor adjustment and trimming
  • Lead cleaning
  • Micro-module fabrication
  • Contact Cleaning
  • Cutting quartz and crystalline materials
  • Cutting silicon wafer
  • Adjust circuit boards
  • Remove conformal coatings (component retrieval)


  • Cutting very thin glass sheet
  • Trimming and edging glass components
  • Cutting windows in glass envelope
  • Taking test slice from center of glass piece
  • Identification markings
  • Frosting / etching decorative glassware
  • Cutting optical filters


  • Cleaning castings
  • Preparing surfaces for coating or adhesives
  • Removing contaminants


  • Deburring and edge breaking
  • Drilling and cutting thin hardened metals
  • Marking and identification
  • Lapping uneven or internal surfaces
  • Removing plating or anodizing from specific areas
  • Cleaning corrosion and contaminants
  • Unload diamond wheels during grinding
  • Remove or hide machine marks



  • Clean surfaces for adhesives and coatings
  • Marking and parts identification
  • Remove scratches
  • Etch surfaces


  • Deburring swiss screw machine parts
  • Removing copper flash from EDM components
  • Cleaning dies
  • Etching / marking parts


  • Removing matrix from fossils
  • Removing glue and paint from various surfaces
  • Cleaning metal objects
  • Sculpturing jade and semi-precious stones
  • Removing dirt
  • Cleaning ceramics


  • Remove flash from molded parts
  • Remove burrs from machined holes
  • Clean cavities
  • Remove rust and other contaminants from molds or dies
  • Cutting or drilling hard plastics
  • Marking / identification of parts and molds
  • Making adjustments in hardened molds

Sodium Bicarbonate Blast Media 50-100 micron - 15 lb.  P/N 97934

Glass Bead Blast Media 50 micron - 15 lb.  P/N: 97925

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 250 micron (60 grit) - 15 lb.  P/N: 97924

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 100 micron (120 grit) - 15 lb.  P/N: 97923

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 50 micron (220 grit) - 15 lb.  P/N: 97922

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 20 micron (350 grit) - 15 lb.  P/N: 97921

Embedded Crystal Blasting Tip, Medium, Blue, 0.032 (8mm) (25-50 micron)  P/N: 97902

Embedded Crystal Blasting Tip, Large, Black, 0.048 (1,2mm) (50-100-250 micron)  P/N: 97903

Embedded Crystal Blasting Tip, X-Large, Red, 0.065 (1.6mm) (100-250 micron)  P/N: 97904

Precision Carbide Blasting Tip, Small, Yellow, 0.026 (.65mm) (25-50 micron) P/N: 97905

Precision Carbide Blasting Tip, Medium, Green, 0.036 (.91mm) (50-100 micron) P/N: 97906

Precision Carbide Blasting Tip, Large, Violet, 0.059 (.1.5mm) (100-150 micron) P/N: 97907

Angled Tip Adaptor P/N: 97908

Precision Carbide Right Angle Blasting Tip, Small, 0.026 (.65mm) (25-50 micron) P/N: 97987

Precision Carbide Right Angle Blasting Tip, Medium, 0.036 (.91mm) (50-100 micron) P/N: 97988

Precision Carbide Right Angle Blasting Tip, Large, 0.059 (1.5mm) (100-150 micron) P/N: 97989

Perfect View Magnifier P/N 97955

Blaster Static Cling Protector - Large Blasters, 12 Pk. P/N: 97951