Work Surface Mount Grommet Pin

When mounting  LCD monitors arms to a work surface, either our Grommet Pin or Die Cast Base can be used.  Either option provides a clean, solid connection the the work surface

Types of Grommet Pins


25-22 Grommet Pin

Classroom Training Table Hard Rock Maple

Grommet Pin

2 washers

A nut


25-25 Die Cast Grommet With Pen

Classroom Training Table Hard Rock Maple

Grommet Pin

Die Cast




DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER
Grommet Pin   25-22
Die Cast Grommet Pin   25-25
The #25-22 Grommet Pin is nickle plated steel.  The #25-25 mounting base is die cast aluminum and uses an nickle plated steel pin. 
Easy to Install
The #25-22 Grommet Pin requires drilling a 3/8" hole in the worksurface to accept the mounting bolt.  The #25-25 Grommet Mount can installed several different ways.  For solid wood tops, 4 wood screws will secure the base.  For laminate worksurfaces, 4 through-holes must be drilled for machine screws (with washer and nut).  In addition, a 3/8" hole is recommended for use with the center bolt to provide a solid connection to the work surface.


Part Number:
25-22 (Grommet Pin), 25-25 (Die Cast Grommet Pin
Bright Nickel
1 year from date of purchase
Shipping Method:
FedEx or  Ground