MPT-375 Manual Cold Weld Pinch Off Tool

Manual Pinch Off Tool for Cold Welding Annealed Copper Tubing

MODEL MPT-375-S2 is a manually operated tool to pinch off and cold weld annealed copper tubing, 3/8" diameter or smaller. 

Used for small volume applications where our hydraulic pinch off system is not required.


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PART #MPT-375-S2

Designed for use with annealed OFHC copper tubing (properly tempered), 3/8" diameter x .049" wall (or smaller)

May also be used on a variety of other soft materials such as:

   Annealed Aluminum (3003 H14)

   Kovar (.070: OD x .010 wall)

   High Purity Nickel (A-Nickel, N1270 or NI1200)

   Pure Iron


   Noibium (formerly known as Columbium)

Overall Length: 12"

Handle Spread (closed): 3-3/4"

Handle spread (open): 17-1/2"

Tool Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Offset jaws allow access to confined spaces

Jaws constructed from high speed tool steel (Rockwell C 60 - C 65)

Designed for 2-handed operation due to handle spread when open.





Prior to ordering, we suggest you provide with samples of your tubing for testing.  This will confirm that the tool will provide a hermetic, cold welded seal with your specific tubing.  Samples should be sent to our address shown in the Contact Us tab at the top of each web page.  If you have questions concerning your application, contact us at: 888-444-1202, Email: or communicate with us via the Chat line.