Standard Air Hydraulic Pump

HY-24 Standard Air-Hydraulic Pump

This pump is the most economical pump we offer and is typically used in low to medium volume applications (1-300 cycles / shift). The pump is activated by rocking the large foot peddle mounted on top of the pump body.  Adjusting pump pressure is easily accomplished by an accessible screw adjustment on the side of the pump. 

Input air pressure required: 100 - 120 psi.  A lubricator must be installed on the input source air line to lubricate the internal air motor in the pump.

This is the "standard" pump offered with all of the HY-Series Pinch-Off tools.  Included with the pump is (1) 8' Hydraulic hose with quick-disconnects, hydraulic pressure gauge and preinstalled hydraulic quick-disconnect fittings on all components including the handset.

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Hydraulic Pumps

All hydraulic pumps supplied by Custom Products & Services, Inc for use with the Pinch-Off Tools are warranted by the pump manufacturer only.  All warranty related repairs must be performed by one of the pump manufacturers authorized service centers.  Custom Products & Services can assist you with trouble-shooting pump issues or locating a service center, but the end user is responsible for contracting directly with the pump service center to perform repairs, as needed.  This insures that the pump warranty remains in effect.  The customer has the option of purchasing a pump from a local vendor, but should contact CPS to insure the pump being purchased is compatible and configured properly to work with the Pinch Off Tool Handset.  Pumps should always be equipped with a good quality pressure gauge to insure the tool is operated at the correct pressure for the application. 

For end users located outside of the United States or Canada, research local hydraulic pump suppliers to confirm the availability of repair and service for the pumps being supplied.  If a repair center is not available in your area or country, we can assist you in locating the nearest facility.  Transportation charges (both ways) will apply, even if the repairs are under warranty.  

Contact CPS with any questions concerning this warranty policy.