Hydraulic / Air or Hydraulic / Electric Pinch-Off Tools

The HY-series hydraulic pinch-off tools are designed to pinch-off (separate) and hermetically seal OFHC annealed copper or annealed aluminum tubing with NO secondary sealing operations (solder, braze, etc.) required.  These tools are available in 4 models to accommodate tubing ranging from .0187" - 1" diameter.  Each of these tools are available with either air / Hydraulic or electric / hydraulic pumps.  When used with properly tempered tubing, these tools will produce a single step pinch off and hermetic seal.  For applications where the tubing must not, and cannot leak, this cold weld process is a very viable consideration. 

When considering the use of this tool with your manufacturing process, please contact us to discuss the details of your application. Samples of your tubing can be submitted to us for testing to confirm the tube temper is within specifications and a cold welded joint can be confirmed.