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Vaniman Pure Breeze Fume Hood

The Vaniman Pure Breeze Fume Hood is a ductless clean air system for fumes, smoke and odors generated by burnout furnaces monomer and most laboratory processes.

This system can also be used as a general air purifier for a room as large as 1000 square feet. It removes dust,microscopic particles as well as microbes.

Compared to the competition this hood is small, light, and with its 3 speed motor is also very quiet. This hood can be wall, ceiling or work surface mounted (with optional stand as well).

P/N 10370

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benchtop mounted Pure-Breeze fume hood and air purification system


  • Removes fumes, smoke & odors
  • No ductwork required
  • Wall, ceiling or worksurface mount
  • Very quiet operation
  • 4-Stage filtration

When preparing to order any of the Pure Breeze Air Purification Fume Hoods, please Contact Custom Products and Services by phone (888-444-1202) or Email:  You can also discuss your application via our online chat.

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