All of the tables shown will be configured (by part number) to either include or not include under-shelves below the worksurface.  Should you require additional shelves to add to your desired configuration, reference the data sheet in the How To Order tab below.  Solid or wire shelving will fit on any of these tables.  In addition, you can get shelving that will attach above the worksurface. 

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Standard shelf depths: 14", 18", 21", 24", 30" 36"
Standard shelf lengths: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54" 60" 72"
Standard shelf finishes: Chrome, Eagle-Brite zinc, Valu-Master, Valu-Gard, EagleGard  or 304 stainless steel. 



Standard shelf depths: 14", 18" 21", 24"
Standard shelf lengths 24", 30" 36", 42", 48", 54" 60"
Standard Shelf Finishes Galvanized, Valu-Master, Valu-Gard, 304 stainless steel


Reference the catalogs below to select the size and shelf finish required.

Contact CPS at 888-444-1202 or email: to order

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Ordering details for shelving and posts

Shelving catalog.pdf

Optional Over-Shelf System available:

Flex-Master Over-Shelf System.pdf

Flex-Master Over-Shelf System-Non adjustable.pdf

For more details regarding the shelf and post finishes available, open document below:

Shelf & Post Finishes.pdf

Accessories for Shelving Units

Shelf Dividers-ledges-panels.pdf

Stem and Plate Caster Catalog.pdf

Shelf slides and tote box specifications.pdf

Levelers-Sleeves-Clamp specifications.pdf