Adjustable Work Surface System 

The Adjustable Work Surface System is designed to be expandable and reconfigurable.  The basic work table unit starts with worksurface and 2 chrome wire under-shelves, and can be expanded to add shelving above the worksurface in either a single or 2-tier configuration.  Stainless steel worksurface, chrome support posts. 

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Keyboard Drawer

Classroom Training Table Folkstone

Stainless Steel

Part #KBD-1/SS

20-1/2" W x 11-1/2" D

Mounts under worksurface




Keyboard Drawer 2

Classroom Training Table Hard Rock Maple

Stainless Steel or Chrome

Part #KBD-2 (Chrome) or Part #KBD-2/SS (Stainless Steel

20-1/2" W x 11-1/2" D

Mounds under wire shelves


The adjustable work surface systems comes in 3 configurations. 

Stainless Steel Worksurface

Chrome wire shelving

Chrome posts

Refer to Data sheet in How To Order Tab


Download data sheet below for table configurations and part numbers

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Adjustable Table Data Sheet.pdf

Optional Over-Shelf System available:

Flex-Master Over-Shelf System.pdf

Flex-Master Over-Shelf System-Non adjustable.pdf

Accessories for Tables &Shelving Units

Shelf Dividers-ledges-panels.pdf

Stem and Plate Caster Catalog.pdf

Shelf slides and tote box specifications.pdf

Levelers-Sleeves-Clamp specifications.pdf