Wall Mounted Shelving And Wall Mounted Cabinets 

A wide variety of wall mountable shelving (solid or wire) and cabinets for labs, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, etc.  Refer to the catalog in the How To Order tab below for details and specifications.  Shelving is available in chrome, stainless steel or epoxy finishes.

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Wall mounted shelving and cabinets available in a wide variety of styles and configurations

Modular systems the provide the perfect storage system for your space

Wire frame or solid shelving available

Shelving materials include: Chrome, epoxy finish or stainless steel

Reference the shelving catalogs in the How to Order tab



Contact Custom Products & Services, Inc at 888-444-1202 or sales@custom-products.com

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Reference the catalogs below for specific shelf configurations and part numbers:

Wall Mount Shelving.pdf

Wall Mount Cabinets.pdf

Accessories for Shelving Units

Shelf Dividers-ledges-panels.pdf