Classroom training table accessories

Accessories for Classroom Training Tables

All of the accessories shown in this section are compatible with the classroom training tables. 

Only the cable management enclosure and the CPU holders are ordered by size.  All other items fit any of the table sizes.

All items shown are in stock and can be added to any of the training tables shown in this product section.

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Accessories for Classroom Training Tables

Wire Management Enclosure

Cable Management enclosure

These cable management enclosures encases and hides the surface and modesty panel cable entrance points, providing a clean and polished look for these training tables.  The enclosure also provides a cable lock point for computer security devices to be secured to, protecting community and public equipment. Multiple knock-outs provide multiple access points for additional cables.  An optional fan kit is available to provide additional airflow, if needed.

36" Training Table Cable Management Enclosure: SKU: 5500-3-100-36

48" Training Table Cable Management Enclosure: SKU: 5500-3-100-48

60" Training Table Cable Management Enclosure: SKU: 5500-3-100-60

72" Training Table Cable Management Enclosure: SKU: 5500-3-100-72


Caster Kit for Training Tables

Caster Kit for Training Tables

Caster kit replaces the standard leg levelers.  Installation is easy.  Simply remove the standard leg levelers and install the casters into the same receiver. 

Compatible with all of the training table sizes and comes complete with all hardware required.

SKU: 5500-3-100-03


Power and Data Connection

PTX-958 Custom Pneumatic Tool to Crimp S-Hooks


Power / Data Conversion Kit provides easy access to electrical and communication connections from the training table worksurface.  This optional device slides into the pre-drilled grommet openings for an easy, no hassle addition to you training room.  The included voice / data adaptor kit allows you to use your preferred brand of voice/data jacks and connectors by simply snapping them into the correct adapter faceplate.  It includes 2 AC power recepticles and 2 open data ports, 60" Power Cord. 

SKU: 5500-3-100-01



Keyboard Drawer

Keyboard platform for training tables

The Training Table Keyboard drawer provides the user a convenient and comfortable solution to access their keyboard.  As a bonus, the sliding rail design allows the keyboard tray to be "turned upside down" and use it as a shallow drawer.  The training table work surface features a pre-drilled and pre-threaded holes for fast and easy installation.

SKU: 5500-3-100-02

CPU Holders

CPU Holders for Training Tables


CPU Holders available in 2 models.  The small form CPU is 4" wide and can be mounted on either the inside or outside of the training table support leg, keeping the CPU elevated off the floor.  The Standard CPU holder is 8" wide for use with larger units and is mounted the same as the 4" CPU holder.

4" CPU HOLDER SKU: 5500-3-100-04

8" CPU HOLDER SKU: 5500-3-100-08


Ganging Brackets

Ganging plates to join training tables


Ganging bracket kits allow you to secure multiple training tables together (side-by-side), thus preventing accidental movement and displacement.  Securing the front and rear of each table top ensures that both training tables remain level in in alignment.  Work surfaces are pre-drilled to accept these ganging plates an insures correct placement.

SKU: 5500-3-100-00



NOTE:  Due to overall size and weight, the Classroom Training Tables can not ship via Fedex or UPS courier.  All orders will ship via common carrier.  Freight charges will apply.  The table accessories shown below will ship along with the classroom training tables. To receive a quote or place an order that includes shipping costs, please contact us by phone or email. 

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36" Cable Management Enclosure
5500 3 100 36
48" W Cable Management Enclosure
5500 3 100 48
60" W Cable Management Enclosure
5500 3 100 60
72" W Cable Management Enclousre
5500 3 100 72
Locking Castor Kit for Classroom Training Tables
5500 3 100 03
Power and Data Conversion Kit
5500 3 100 01
Keyboard Drawer for Classroom Training Tables
5500 3 100 02
Small CPU Holder, 4" W
5500 3 100 04
Large CPU Holder, 8" W
5500 3 100 08
Ganging Plates to secure multiple training tables together (side-by-side)
5500 3 100 00