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Bench Side Tote Box Carriers

Angled wire shelf with 31⁄2˝ upturn, chrome plated. Overall height of 39˝, with front working height of 30˝. Length dimension of 24˝, 36˝, 48˝, or 60˝. 18˝ width. 5˝ resilient casters, two with brake. Standard wire under shelf.





Ergonomically designed for repetitive pick-and-place activity.

 Features angled shelf with built-in ledge and flat undershelf.

 All shelves are open wire construction, reducing moisture and dust build-up.

 Two 24˝ (610mm) chrome-plated front posts.

 Two 33˝ (838mm) chrome-plated rear posts.

 Four 5˝ (127mm)-diameter swivel casters with resilient tread (two with brake).

 One 18˝ (457mm)-wide wire angled shelf.

 One 18˝ (457mm)-wide wire undershelf.

 One 18˝ (457mm)-wide 3-sided truss frame.

 One full-length hanger rail.

 30˝ (762mm) front height.

 39˝ (991mm) rear height.

 Shipped knocked-down.


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