MSP Power Pack and Jaws

Nylon Cart and Equipment Covers (Not for ESD applications)

Industrial grade nylon fabric for heavy duty commercial applications. 

Custom made to your specifications to inlcude flaps, document pockets, zippers or Velcro flap closures, reinforced corners. 

Available in 200 or 400 denier weight. 

High quality material and workmanship. 

Whether you need a single cover or high production quantities, we welcome the opportunity to fulfill your requirements. Available in a variety of colors.

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CONTACT FOR QUOTE: Peggy Mollison / PH: 888-444-1202 / Email:


All cart and equipment covers provided by Custom Products & Services, Inc are considered custom, built-to-order only.  We do not inventory any pre-manufactured covers.  When contacting us for quotes, please be prepared to provide the following information.

(If possible, please provide us with a sketch of the cover you're requesting, along with dimensions and other details noted.)


1.  Length x width x height (to the nearest inch) of the object being covered.  Based upon those dimensions, we will determine the actual size of the cover required.

2. If the cart or equipment is on casters or wheels, measure to the top of the caster (casters should not be covered).

3. Please specify if you need a single flap opening or a double flap opening?  Flaps are always located on the "long" side of the cover, unless specified otherwise.

4. What do you require for a flap closure method:  Zippers, Velcro or some other method.

5. Do you need document pockets?  If yes, please note size and location.

6. If you have any other special requirements for these covers, please detail and be specific.