Vaniman Provides Dust Collection and Filtering Solution for Large Food Processor.

The frozen pie quality control line at Bama of Tulsa, Oklahoma teamed up with Sigpack Systems, a division of Bosch, and Vaniman Manufacturing to install an 18 robot system that incorporates a unique state-of-the-art vision quality control system which ensures that only pies of exact quality are accepted from the process equipment before being accurately placed into cases.

The frozen fruit pies exit the Bama freezer in rows and are directed by a packaging belt through nine Sigpack Systems Model XR31 Delta robots positioned on opposite sides of the belt. Once the quality of each pie passes Bama’s inspection criteria, gripping tools pick the pies and deposit them into shipping cases. The robots utilize a custom designed vacuum system that provides suction to the gripping tools. Eighteen Vaniman Accumulator cyclone pre-filters were installed between the gripping tools and the vacuums to collect excess cinnamon dust and other debris to prevent contamination of the vacuums.